Welcome to the Community-Driven Password Manager

An Unofficial Public Vaultwarden Instance

Hosted By SecureCPU Technology Services

About This Project​

This is a community-based project. We can not guarantee 100% uptime!
We are currently running this on a Docker Container.
But power loss, network outages, or human errors can not be excluded.
Please be sure to make regular encrypted backups!

We make regular backups of the server, but we take no responsibility for it and are not responsible for data loss!

By using our services, you agree to our Terms and Services Agreement. Please review the Agreement before proceeding. Click Here to View the Agreement

Question You May Have

Is this 100% free?

Yes. We offer this as a 100% free service to any and all who wish to use it.
But if you want, you can donate a coffee via the link below.

What happens if you suddenly shut down?

We won't. We have no plans to ever shut this down. And at least, not without prior notification with more than enough time to allow you to export your passwords.

Where can I see the server uptime and status?

You can always check the status of the vault on our company Status Page.
Click Here To View

Are my passwords secure?

As secure as you can get with a self-hosted instance of Vaultwarden. We cannot see your passwords or access your vaults in any way.
We have placed the vault behind a Cloudflare Proxied Tunnel for increased security.

Can you delete my account or my passwords?

Yes we can. But, we will never do so without your express written request.
We encourage all our users to back up their vaults on a regular basis.

Do you save or track our data?

We do not track anything beyond what is recorded by Vaultwarden by default. The only data that is saved is your name, email address, and the IP address you accessed the vault.

If You Are Looking To Host A Private Instance For Your Business, Please Reach Out To Us Directly For More Info.

About Our Company

We are an Open-Source advocate and IT Service Provider based in Maryland, USA.

We strive to help those we can with all things Techy.

The support we offer


We regularly maintain the vault to ensure it's updated to the newest and most stable version.

Support & Help

We offer support via our company support desk via email for any server-based issues your might be experiencing.

Removal of Data

While we do not delete any user accounts of our own volition, you may send in a formal request to delete your account & data from the vault.


We try our hardest to ensure the vault is online and available to all our users.


If you have any questions, just open a ticket and someone will reply soon.

Support Our Initiative

We off this as a free service and don’t require anything in exchange. However, if you would like to support this instance in any way. You can buy us a coffee. Coffee always helps Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 15.4